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Wafflez N Creamz

Our Story

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Houston, Texas, www.wafflezncreamz.com has plans to open other units across the United States, and other countries as well. The opportunity to offer the “Best Chicken N’ Wafflez in Town!” A delicious BYOW with homestyle chicken wingz or chicken tenderz in a fast casual concept along with premium quality ice cream (14% butterfat or higher) of your choice makes WnC different and empowers our customer to order a freshly made waffle filled and garnished with fresh (not frozen) blueberries or other fresh fruit of your choice. Grab one of our Protein Smoothiez anytime between 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. Choose one of our scrumptous Shrimp N Gritz or Pulled Pork sandwich with sweet potato Friez. We are proud to offer our many flavors of delicious Coffee, Smoothiez and Milk Shakez.


A Texas native, James was born in Corpus Christi, he is a third-generation business owner following the footsteps of his mother and grandfather, James E. Davis founded and is CEO of TopWings and Titus Construction and Real Estate
A retired veteran, who served as the first African American Chief Warrant Officer Five engineer at Army Reserve headquarters in Fort Bragg, NC during his 41-year career. His role as the senior engineer advisor mentored others and carried a worldwide responsibility to manage army reserve facilities and infrastructure for millions of square feet. Due to his extraordinary leadership skills, James was selected to be the first African American Mid-Southern Region Director of the U. S. Army Warrant Officer Association from New Mexico to Mississippi. He created Earlanger Homes, now officially named Titus Construction and Real Estate Development in 1994.

Business, Entrepreur, Real Estate Investor,
third generation
restaurant owner. My
goal is to strategically
create, develop and
implement generational
wealth by building black
businesses through
HBCU for the next 500

James received his bachelor’s in business administration in marketing from Prairie View A&M University in just three and a half years. He received his Executive master’s in business administration, from Howard University. In 2000, James launched a Wingstop franchise and eventually opened two more units in Northwest Houston. James’ experience in franchising critical skills expertise to build a new emerging concept of Wafflez-N- Creamz. Wafflez N Creamz named “Best Chicken N’ Wafflez in Town!” A delicious BYOW with homestyle Shrimp & Grits, southern season fried chicken as well as fresh fruit flavors.
James gained valuable experience at Compaq Computer Corporation in logistics, cell manufacturing, Inventory Control, and patent generation as an Engineering Support Specialist and ultimately became a program manager over a 16-year span with this Fortune 200 technology company (Compag) Hewlett Packard. Furthering his innovation, James was a part of the sustainability team at Ft Belvoir OCAR and created awareness with the assistant secretary of the army creating waste management initiatives for renewables and sustainability at reserve centers around the world. James’ strategic plan from now to 2025 is to expand opportunities for build, black businesses for the next 500 years with HBCUS around the country.

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